Settled for less

Finding a job was NEVER easy. Especially when you are sooo confused and don’t know which path to go (or you’re just picky?).

I was jobless for almost 3 months. Yes. 3 freakin’ months. Well for the most part of it I was waiting for my former job to have a new client and take me back. But once they did I became so hesitant and turned down the job offer – telling my self that I should find another work that is related on the real Pharmacy world – coz I came from a BPO company. Soooo after that, I went to various companies for exams and interviews-which are reallyyyy tough. Most of them had nice job offers but I was the one who always turns them down. I know that most of you (even myself) would say “Nandyan na nga ayaw mo pa” or “You’re wasting opportunities”. Call me anything, judge me if you must – Coward, nonsense, picky, “walang pangarap”. Well, I know that….and now all I have to do is learn from it.

Right now I work at a Family owned-Not well-known-Little Drug  store. I guess the reason I settled for this is because the hiring and the job itself was so simple and the store is just a 15 minute walk from our house. But. I’m not happy with what I chose. I’m not satisfied with what I’m doing. Meh~

Marj-i babo (I’m stupid).


Moral lesson from all this friggin rant? NEVER SETTLE!! I let my shy, timid self took over that’s why I’m full of regrets right now. I just heard this from a TV series that I’m currently watching and it hit me right in the feels “The only thing standing between you and what you want to be is YOU.” Soooo…yup.


Note to self: Re-read this when you’re job hunting again. Okay? OKAY!





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