I’m back, now what (?)

I’am currently experiencing “Quarter life Crisis” — I read (and heard) this multiple times from some friends mostly around my age or older than me by a bit. And I keep on thinking….am I facing this kind of thing as well??? Is life hating me much more now??? Oh. before I blabber rants and squeeze my life’s lemons the reason of this post (and why I was gone for so long)  is coz’ 1. I’am a bum for almost two months now 2. I keep on blaming reason#1 for not writing anything for that time period (considering that I have all the time in the world at this phase).

Back to Quarter life Crisis and I’m gonna chop it in half for (my) better understanding. Quarter life– a period of life ranging from twenties to thirties…oh okay I belong to this range. Crisis– a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger…this I’m not quite sure if it applies to me because it seems that what I’m going through now is just a tiny part of this big, scary word and a lot of people may be experiencing worse. So no, nope, na ah, this is nothing like that. This SHOULD be nothing like that 🙂 In short, wag ako mag-inarte haha.

Well I’m not denying that I was (or still am?) a bit sad that I lost(??) my job. Since it wasn’t my decision to make wala akong choice (the company had to let go of us for financial some reasons) and I the work place became my comfort zone. I guess the main reason (you have so many reasons, girl. umayos ka) is because it is my FIRST job that’s why I find it quite hard to let go (and procrastinate too much to find a new one LOL).

Bottomline is…FIND A JOB MARJ AND QUIT SLACKING AROUND. Hahahaha!! Yeah, I’m working on that and hopefully I can spot something soon coz I really need funds to travel and fill up my stomach with lovely foods. LOL. I hope everyone and everything around me will be fine 🙂 And it feels so goooood to write again~~~

Love ❤



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