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Jumpyard – Indoor Trampoline Park

Hungry for adventure (and much needed catching-up), my friends and I went to Jumpyard – one of the first and biggest indoor trampoline park in the Philippines. Located at Frontera Verde Ortigas Avenue,  Pasig City  – this exhilarating attraction is 2,000 square meter huge and will surely satisfy your jumping thrills!

We arrived at the park at around 3 pm and since it is a weekend (we went on a Saturday) we expected that there will be a lot of people. But since some of my friends arrived super late, our “Jump” session was moved to 6:30 pm instead of 3:30 pm and we we’re kinda lucky since there are fewer jumpers at that time compared to the afternoon sesh.

Once all of us are complete –  we signed waivers, purchased socks (100 php, these socks have rubber in the bottom to avoid slipping, but you can bring your own if you have one) and bought tickets (350 php for Friday, weekends and holidays 250 php for Monday to Thursday).

We finished all the requirements before 6:00 pm so with more than 30 minutes to spare we decided to try their cafeteria and bought Nacho (220 php) but it didn’t made our tummies happy 😦 Serving time took more than 20 minutes and the food itself was too oily and not tasty.



5 minutes before our scheduled time, we were called inside the activity area to watch their “safety video” and do some stretches. There were also allotted lockers for your bags (worth 100 php deposit, you can redeem it after) and racks for your shoes.

6:30 pm came and we didn’t waste our time and jumped immediately on the trampolines haha! The park was divided into 6 areas – Open Jump Trampoline, Foam pit (with Wall Climb, Monkey bar, Foam bags and Balance Beam sections), Dodge ball, Slam Dunk Basketball, Olympic Trampoline and Toddler Section – where only the little kids and their companion can go into.

Gadgets (i.e phone, camera, go pro etc) are forbidden when you’re on the jumping areas but you can politely ask the marshals to take your picture and videos just like we did. They’re super mabait and approachable btw!



After an hour of jumping we can conclude that we had lotsa fun!! It was really tiring – not sure if it’s from jumping too much or laughing at my friends (and myself) for acting silly and childish. Will we give Jumpyard another visit? Well yes!! – given it that more of our friends will join. The more the merrier! :))


• Food and drinks bought outside are not allowed inside the park, but we saw a lot of people who brought their own water since it is sooo pricey when you buy from their cafeteria – 500 mL= 60 php and 1 Liter= 100 php. Since we’re tight on budget we decided to buy ours from a Convenience Store nearby – Ministop where 500mL= 14 php only, oh diba tipid! we just hid it on our bags when we came back at the park…sorry po!!

• Snacks inside are also pricey (you can see some of the prices on the photo posted above) so I suggest you take a quick bite somewhere else – Tiendesitas and Ministop are the closest ones from the place. Or if you’re really hungry (like us after burning calories for an hour lol) we ate at SM Megamall, I think it’s just 15 minutes away from the park.

• Bring extra clothes. Believe  me you will sweat…a lot – and that’s what we keep on denying at first because we didn’t bring any hahaha!

• Speaking of clothes, I recommend you guys to wear leggings instead of shorts. All of my friends wore shorts and I’m the odd one with the leggings, they said some part of their legs and knees kinda hurt (maybe because of friction – on the trampolines, foams etc., and clumsiness lol)

• Don’t forget to bring the “kid” inside you!

You can visit Jumpyard’s Site for more details:

Happy Jumping!!! :))


Love ❤



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