Back to Zero

Since my last post was about backlogs, today I decided to look back to my drafts and post them one by one to let out my unsettled stories. But.Guess.Whutt. — My drafts folder is EMPTY. Yes, zero blank nothing..nada!! Oh WordPress, why have you forsaken me??? I have a total of 5 drafts..all are almost complete and the only thing lacking was some pictures…but now they’re gone. Aigooo~

Oh well, no use of crying over spilled milk. I guess I have to learn this the painful hard way — have a back-up file and do not procrastinate. :))

Well, here’s a tidbit of my life right now to ease out my rant above

— Started my workout this year and not skipping a day – except for obligatory rest day (Sunday) and praying so hard not to lax and stop as I did last year 😦

— Survived 2 months ++ without drinking Soda. Yeyyyy!!! :)))))

— Shopped for clothes and goodies Because #adulting (yeah, nah. I just like to go shopping on my own)

— Lessen my rice (and junkfood) intake

— Updated my Linkedin account

— Followed (and read posts) of my fellow bloggers. I’am and always will be inspired to read blogs. Be it that I’m truly happy or stuck-to-the-ground sad, reading them adds a joy to my heart.
I guess that’s it.

Oh, and Happy New Year :))

Love ❤



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