Bloggers United 12 !!!





Hahaha! Days A week had passed but I’m still having a MAJOR hangover from the  #BU12xWorldBazaarFestival. It was months ago since I got addicted introduced myself to the world of blogging so I think it’s a MUST to attend the said event (not that I’m complaining. COZ.IM.NOT.). Just a brief background, the first blogs/bloggers that I stalked followed were Love, A by Arisse de Santos  and Thirstythought by Kryz Uy – I read all of their blog posts from start to end – that’s how obsessed I’am LOL. It was a bummer that Arisse wasn’t able to attend BU (based on her IG she was on Brisbane…with Daniel Velasco *insert hearts and jealousy* LOL*). Kryz was there for BU ofcourse but also for a book signing since she just wrote a book. YES.SHE.DID. and guess who’s #fangirling much that day.. MEEEEE!!!!!


Muntik na ko umiyak (ROFL) upon seeing Kryz and Slater (Slater mostly JK)  It was beyooond words. I think it’s because she inspires me a lot and gahd she’s so pretty I was starstrucked haha. Aside from fangirling the whole day (yes, whole day coz we arrived at 10:30 am and went home at 5pm #dedicated) We also bought some pre-loved stuffs from the bloggers. It was really fun, tiring coz I didn’t get any sleep – my work time is 9pm to 6am so goodbye sleep and a little far away from our house – we live at Marikina pa. All in all I really enjoyed seeing those people who inspire me with their words and vlogs on the web, they are all nice and lovely, I’ll certainly come back again next time. I’ll let the photos below speak for themselves 😉

Disclaimer: Some of the photos are blurry/dark, sorry not a pro (my younger sis is taking all of the shots also) and I’m just using my phone camera 🙂 LOOOONG POST AHEAD!


This mirrored passage welcomed my sister and I at the World Trade Center





The first blogger I bumped into — Bea Benedicto!! She’s so sooo sweet ❤ Bea also granted my request to greet my bf via video. Thanks Bea Beee *wink*


Kryz’s booth


She’s hereeeee!!!
Kryz Uy’s mini talk and book signing


I almost hugged her on stage, but I’m shy *-_-*


#behindtheblog ❤


Of course I had to take a pic with the most supportive boyfriend of the year, Slater Young ❤  #kilig
Meryenda time and selfie time (even if it’s lunch time already, walang mabilhan ng food boohoo)


Thanks Poler Stuff for these munchies!! They also served hotdog on stick and smores (for free yaaaay) but we’re sobrang gutom na so no more pictures lol


With Lissa Kahayon who apparently has the same shoe size as mine so guess who bought her pre-loved footsies…ME!!!


Louise Delos Reyes who I didn’t know was so tall and really really pretty. Bagay nya her new haircut 🙂


Patricia Prieto — so so so GORGEOUS! I saw her a lot of times at Kryz’s blog but I didn’t know she was this pretty. Sobrang kinilig ako nung katabi ko sya ❤


A little commotion because….the BLOGGER BESTIES just arrived!!! AAAAHHHKKK! (at 5:30 pm lol)


Camille Co ❤ My #hairgoals. So pretty ans SO TALL 


Nicole Andersson! Aigoo so so pretty lalo na in person


Laureen Uy– So pretty and sooo mabait! I finally got to see youuuu



Andddddd. That’s it! I hope I can see all these lovelies again soon!





14 thoughts on “Bloggers United 12 !!!

  1. You were sooo lucky! We are still waiting for Kryz’s book here in Davao, but it’s not yet available on NBS branches. Saklap! Thank you nga pala for following my blog. I followed yours too! 😘 Keep posting and happy blogging! 😊

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