PB and OJ

I have something to confess:

I’m craving for a Peanut Butter sandwich….

Okay….. not exactly

Peanut Butter sandwich






Yup you got it right, PB sandwich dipped in OJ — thus the title LOL. Still not sure if I’m one of the weird ones (really, you’re not sure?? haha) but everytime  I tell someone that really love mixing those 2 awesome food together they’d be like: “eww, NO“, “doesn’t it taste really bad?” and “YOU.ARE.WIERD.MARJ”, and I’d be like “Meh, you should try it first coz it’s so yummy I love it it’s not that bad” always hehe. I don’t really mind if they don’t like it or think that my taste buds has a cynical mind of its own, I just wanna share my cravings at times or I just voice out my desire for food whenever I’m hungry.

Well that’s it. Just shared one of my strange appetites while dipping my Stick-o on water until it melts…woooops!




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