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Last Monday (Nov 28, 2016), our onshore partners did a little presentation for us (their offshore counterpart) as a way of saying goodbye. They did a PowerPoint presentation with our pictures and their makapag bagbag damdamin  words of gratitude and farewell messages.

I’ll admit that I have this love-hate  relationship with my work, I mean who doesn’t? Haha. One moment you are on a roll and everything goes smoothly (which is rare mangyari) then the next thing you know issues are piling up and you skip meals and eat Over Time instead hahaha. I complain a lot at work-my teammates and seatmates can testify to that (rant examples: ay ano ba yan ang dami pinapagawa or hala siya! kaya naman gawin inuutos pa). But there is this little part of me that really loved what I’am doing and I’m not kidding lol.  I dunno what it is that makes me feel that I’m good at what I’m doing — it might be my supportive onshore partners, my fun teammates or my ego myself ROFL. Nonetheless, what I really want to say is that I’ll truly truly miss them. They might be miles away (since they are in New Jersey) but distance didn’t hinder them to give us a lot of problems to bully us to test our patience to always encourage us and make us feel that we are special. Yuck, drama. Anyways, I have been working with them for more than 2 years (2 years 3 months to be exact!) so I’am feeling a little bit of separation anxiety #SepAnx

To end this…here’s the message I gave to one of my onshore partner:

Hi Jenny!
“A boss and a friend, two in one. Whoever thought that work-life would be so much fun”. We got this passage somewhere on the internet but it sums up what you are to us 🙂 Thank you for going above and beyond for all of us here, you shared not only your knowledge but your life to us. We will always remember everything you taught and showed us– your funny (and embarrassing) stories mostly lol.
**warning: lots of THANK YOUs ahead**
Thank you for the motivation and guidance. For the never-ending patience, support, and heaps of tolerance. Thank you for the constant encouragement and understanding. For appreciating everything that we do despite of the things that we lack. Thank you for the non-work-related chats and fun times. Thank you for being a friend 🙂 Anyways, enough of the drama. Hehe. We will truly miss you…and your (corny) jokes. Haha jk. Goodluck on the next chapter of your life, Jenny. Don’t forget about us 😉 We love you!
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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
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