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I have 3 pending drafts and 10++++ more things I need to post. NAAAHW! ūüė¶ Aigoo~ Holidays makes the force of katamaran stronger. MUST.RESIST. Anyways. I know think that I won’t be able to post anything until next year so HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Love love, Marj ‚̧ Advertisements


Bloggers United 12 !!!

MY.FIRST.BLOGGERS.UNITED.EXPERIENCE. I.JUST.CAN’T. AAAAAAHHHKKKK!!!!!   Hahaha! Days A week had passed but I’m still having a MAJOR hangover from the ¬†#BU12xWorldBazaarFestival. It was months ago since I got addicted introduced myself to the world of blogging so I think it’s a MUST to attend the said event (not that I’m complaining. COZ.IM.NOT.). Just a brief background,… Continue reading Bloggers United 12 !!!

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Last Monday (Nov 28, 2016),¬†our onshore partners did a little presentation for us (their offshore counterpart) as a way of saying goodbye. They did a¬†PowerPoint presentation with our pictures and their makapag bagbag damdamin ¬†words of gratitude and farewell messages. I’ll admit that I have this¬†love-hate ¬†relationship with my work, I mean who doesn’t? Haha.… Continue reading Paalam