Start of Something New

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

― John C. Maxwell

I remember when I was still in grade school – first day of school. At the end of the  day, our teacher forced asked us to write a short essay about our first day experience and yes I filled my paper with the most unexpected word – first. “My pers day at my pers school. I talked to my seatmate which became my pers friend. The pers thing….”. Haha, those were definitely not the exact words but you get me. Looking back, I can see how excited and nervous the toddler me that day,  which reflects how I feel right now- writing my very first post on my first blog. (insert *all the feels* here)

After procrastinating for a year more than a decade….I finally decided to find a place where I can dump my spontaneous thoughts and et cetera’s. I’ll admit that I’m noob- ‘di ako sanay magsulat and most of the things that I’ll document here are not fool-proof . Since I’m doing this mostly for my introvert self, magtatagalog or taglish ako as long as I like hehehe. As I try to keep up with myself and make attempts to improve–please bear with me (a note to my future self reading this **wink**).

Anyway, for the sake of purpose I think this will be my online diary. A piece of wonderland where I can pour sudden ideas, share experiences, rants, opinions, explore new things and everything in between.

This should be enough for a first post (Oo, daldal mo Marj). Happy first day of December!!!

2016-11-30 10.14.06 1.jpg




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